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R Davies Metals & Sons Ltd are scrap car experts covering the West Midlands and much further afield. Our team will deliver a quick and simple service, so call us today and we’ll make getting rid of your car for scrap a hassle-free experience.

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We are specialists in the dismantling and disposal of scrap cars. Scrap cars or ELVs (end-of-life vehicles) contain ferrous and non-ferrous metals and we will pay you a good price for your unwanted vehicle, making things simple for you. If your car, van or lorry has reached the stage where it isn’t worth maintaining anymore, it can be a bit of a burden working out how to get rid of it. That’s where the scrap car experts at R Davies Metals & Sons Ltd can help. We are happy to come and collect your vehicle free of charge and dispose of it in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. Not only that, we will pay you a good price for the scrap metal value of your vehicle so that you can make a bit of money towards your next vehicle.

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Our scrap car experts will make it easy to get a good price for your old car. Just give us a call to arrange a free collection.

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